Monday, August 20, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya~

Jemput raya rumah..meh2~ sape nak datang roger k?

Friday, August 3, 2012


Ya Allah~ bersyukur sgt2..hari nie result exam dah keluar..masuk2 ofis je cek result..bile tgk mcm tak caye la plak..3 kali keluar masuk student portal nak make sure masuk number matriks yg btol..

Alhamdullilah berkat usaha, doa dan tawakal result kali nie buat saya senyum sampai telinga..hehe terima kasih kat mak ayah yg tak putus2 doakan kejayaan..thanks to adik dan cik is jgk sbb selalu layan saya nye ngomelan bila stress dan doakan..

wahh gaya cam dah abes master kan..sedangkan baru first sem..takpe,,berita gembira kita kena la kongsi kan?dan result nie buat saya lagi semangat nak belajar dan habeskan master..lepas tu sambung PHD mungkin?hee...lepas nie kena tambah usaha utk dpt keputusan yg lagi baik..tak bole leka..biar la susah sekali pun,,biar la takde mase utk rehat sekali pun,,kalo ini hasilnya,,saya sanggup!

terima kasih Allah..nikmat yg Kau beri nie amat besar..alhamdulillah...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Y U NO admit this is political agenda???

These couple weeks, all we can hear and read is about the National day theme, song and whatnot. And the issue here is the theme is nothing to do with independence. Let’s forget about the opposition party and PRU and everything else. Focus on independence and the sacrifices made by our forefathers to achieve what we are today.

At first I was like "Apekah Janji ditepati? Ape kena mengena ngan merdeka plak?” Out of curiosity I read various blogs and website of umno and pr cyber troopers to know their opinions regarding the matter. And of course la pro-umno back-up the decision habis2an. Saying this is right and pakatan rakyat is just making issue out of it. And pakatan rakyat saying this is not right because blablabla. Just google it and you will find sooo many comments about the matter. But being a positive minded,, chewah and husnuzhon in this holy month, I just let it go...”Lantak la diorg nak buh ape pun".

Until this morning I read this article below from The Star and was like,, dafuq??

RAUB: The theme for the National Day, “55 Years of Independence, Promises Fulfilled (55 Tahun Merdeka, Janji Ditepati)” was chosen to reflect that the Government has delivered on its promises, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He added that since achieving Independence 55 years ago, Barisan Nasional leaders have brought much progress and development to the country.

He cited three core promises which had been fulfilled for the benefit of the people.
“The promise of a peaceful nation is kept as the security forces have successfully countered major threats to the nation,” said Najib during a breaking of fast programme with Raub residents in Kampung Gali Tengah here yesterday.

He said the promise of a harmonious society could not be guaranteed under the Pakatan Rakyat with their different ideologies and political beliefs.

Waiiit! You said the theme has nothing to do with the political agenda but in your speech it’s clearly, obviously, izhar halqi that the theme has everything to do with your political agenda! Huh!

Independence day it a platform where we should remember our history and  the warrior who fight for independence. Not celebrating the government who delivers on its promises. Practically, it’s your job and responsibility because people vote for you to be in the government because of your promises/manifesto.  Wait, am I rooting for PR now? Hee

Okay, enough politics~ When I first heard the theme, the first thing in my mind is how budak2 sekolah gonna celebrate Merdeka? They will miss the fun of celebrating the Independence Day in school! Back in my days, we really were having fun singing Keranamu Malaysia while waiting for the countdown. So many sketch and performance can be done because we can relate to the theme. But this year, I totally cannot relate independence with janji ditepati. Can you?

Please, change the theme!